This is workshop 1 of 6 in our FREE April-June series hosted by GrantStation. Registrants may choose to attend the Zoom event (including Q&A) on April 3, to view a recording after April 3, or both. Register now by clicking here. 


2023 Funding Trends: How to Maximize Your Efforts


Integrating current philanthropic trends into your proposals can make them more competitive.


But in order to take advantage of the current interests of grantmakers, you must keep up with what is happening in the world of philanthropy, which unfortunately can be very time consuming.


During this workshop, the presenter will highlight important trends which are relevant to your grantseeking in 2023, and explore the larger trends in grantmaking which can make your proposals more successful. These trends center around building movements, developing leaders, shifting cultures, creating an inclusive economy, and defending democracy.


You’ll learn about:

  • important philanthropic trends and how they are changing or remaining the same;
  • the key areas funders are focusing on in 2023; and,
  • how you can utilize these trends to enhance your grantseeking.

You’ll walk away ready to incorporate new funding trends into your programs and grant requests.


Presenter: Alice Ruhnke, President of GrantStation

Program: 30 minutes of practical instruction (plus 15 minutes of Q&A  Zoom version only)

Cost: FREE

Registration: Required; Register below or click here. Closes 10:00 a.m. on the day of the workshop.