Liana Toscanini has a deep understanding of how nonprofit organizations work and what their common challenges are. She is an agile and attentive listener. One hour of consultation with her saved my board a fair amount of time and research. She generously loaned us her file on the legal steps required should our board pursue a direction we are considering. She also gave us some crucial referrals to individuals in the community who might be interested in helping us with our work. This is an invaluable service, especially for me, a recent transplant to the Berkshires. When we met for an initial consultation, she had already done her homework about our organization. We had an efficient email exchange beforehand, so that we could focus our discussion. She continues to send us information, ideas, and referrals. In my book, this is what one wants: a skilled diagnosis accompanied by ample information and education. The nonprofit doctor is in!


— Client Served


I’m happy to support such a good program.  You have a great feel for what nonprofits need!


— Mary

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires has been so helpful to our small nonprofit. Whenever I’m looking for a referral I can send a quick email and always receive helpful information. We’ve found someone to set up a new computer and reconfigure our internal office network. He’s now our go-to guy for anything tech related. I know I can always trust someone Liana recommends. It’s nice to know I can easily reach out and get the information. It definitely saves me time!


— Emmalyn Gaertner, Southern Berkshire Community Development Corporation

What an event! Perfection! I can’t thank you enough, nor speak highly enough, about what you created on Tuesday. The Berkshire Nonprofit Awards event was a beautiful manifestation of the work you’ve been doing with NPC Berkshires…and your mission to bring nonprofit folks together to connect, engage and learn. Andrea and I were both energized and delighted by the whole experience. Well done!!!


— Bob Voss, Growth River Consulting


Thanks – I never have time to investigate such things… but you made it so easy for me to get our event listed on the Berkshire Edge online calendar!


— Kim McMann/Berkshire Food Project

I work at the Adams Visitor Center.  We just received your magazine, “Connections.” I just read through it and I want to tell you that I am impressed with the high quality of the writing, photographs and total presentation.  I enjoyed the historical information as well as the up-to-date news about people and organizations in the area.  Thank you for the excellent work.


— Andy Kalisz


Thank you again SO much for all of the help you gave us in getting the word out about Crescendo. I believe we’ve made a big step up in name recognition in the southern Berkshires.


— Kathy Drake/Crescendo

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires has been very helpful to our fledgling organization. Liana’s knowledge of the local nonprofit landscape and willingness to share her expertise are the perfect complement to NPC’s list of valuable programs and services. In just a few short months, our membership has already paid for itself!


— Eugenie Sills/Clinton Church Restoration Advisory Board


The NPC has already proven itself as a tremendous resource in the short two years since it was founded. As the only full-time employee at a small nonprofit, the NPC is my go-to for references to trusted service providers and my primary source for professional development opportunities.


— NPC Member Since 2016

The Nonprofit Center of The Berkshires provides essential services in Western Massachusetts for nonprofits large and small. As Chair of the Trustees for the Great Barrington Libraries we have turned to the Center often for their expertise and guidance in raising our profile and developing strategies for sustainable fundraising. The Nonprofit Center’s positive impact on our library community is significant and thanks to them we are headed towards a brighter future.


— Patrick Hollenbeck


I’ve seen NPC in action as a powerful connector. Often non-profits work in silos – their work is so intense and client focused that it’s difficult to reach out to like-minded organizations. NPC helps not-for-profits to share best practices, collaborate when possible, and see what’s going on in the Berkshires beyond their own important work.


— Dawn Stanyon/Professionality Consulting

Since becoming a member of NPC and working with Liana I have found a road map and a guide to start me on my way to becoming connected, to learning about the tools and resources that are out there that I can utilize to become a more effective leader within my own organization and beyond.


— Rachel Kalin/Oakdale Foundation


I had been working in the nonprofit world for a long time and decided on a whim to get in touch with Liana to see if there was something I could learn from her. She spent a total of 3 hours with us over a month period and what we learned was just what we needed. She evaluated who we were and what we were trying to accomplish and gave us a prescription on how to move forward.


— Karen W. Smith/Sawa Sawa Foundation, Inc.

As a music organization approaching our 50th year, we faced issues of succession planning, Board expansion, and audience development for a new generation, among other issues. Liana Toscanini of NPC Berkshires organized a strategic planning session at which she helped us lay out options for future sustainability. Liana has met with us more than once to help implement some of our goals. She is knowledgeable and approachable, and cares deeply about the issues facing non-profits.


— Susan


Thank you for a terrific morning of helpful information and networking at the “Getting the Word Out” workshop on September 19. And for making available the “30 Power Words for Social Media” list and marketing checklist. Your powerpoint is my new Bible. The best part is I’m feeling more confident about pushing my Board in marketing and outreach directions that will improve our fundraising and membership.


— Kate

The NPC Berkshires Giving Guide works! The Flying Cloud Institute profile in the Giving Guide happened to be read by a newcomer to the area, Mike Mimnaugh, a human resources specialist. He saw that we were looking for volunteers in that arena and was intrigued. I am thrilled to say that Mike is now volunteering with us and a member of our Human Resources Committee. This visibility has certainly helped us in a very meaningful way.


— Amy Rudnick/ Board Chair

I had a wonderful experience working with Liana Toscanini at the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires! She really cares so much about the nonprofit community and goes above and beyond in making sure they are well-served! Specifically, I worked with the NPC on helping make sure nonprofits are aware of a new 401(k) that the Commonwealth of MA is offering exclusively to nonprofits. The events were very successful and they would not have been made possible without the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires! They are an amazing organization and I look forward to continuing to work with them!


— Lisa Cardinale, Commonwealth CORE


Wow – Berkshire Benchmarks is an awesome resource!! Thank you — this will make my grant proposals MUCH stronger. Some very interesting stats.You really helped me with this.


— Hinda Bodinger, Berkshire Baby Box

As a small but important nonprofit with life changing work, the Berkshire Immigrant Center has often put clients before our own well-being and then struggled to maintain capacity and expand. I am proud to say that over the last 2 years we have managed to take better care of ourselves while serving the amazing immigrants in the county and could not do so without partners like the NPC! Liana has personally spoken with me numerous times to trouble shoot everything from board development to hiring consultants. She is always sending trainings, grant ideas and articles she thinks may be of interest to members and is such an amazing cheerleader when a member wins an award or gets new funding etc. The Center also proofread a grant for me and Liana spent an hour and a half with our board chair advising us on growth as a nonprofit in the Berkshires. I know I have only experienced a fraction of what it does and can offer.


— Brooke Meade/BIC


We are glad to support your idea to pull these organizations into one focused book (Connections Magazine) and keep writing about ways to connect here in this beautiful disconnected region!


— Ramelle Pulitzer/New View Tours, Inc.

As a nonprofit consultant, I’ve had the good fortune to connect with Liana and to teach professional development workshops through her organization. Her vision for Berkshire nonprofits, and her awareness of how to best support them, is so impressive. Liana has a talent for elevating nonprofit work and making these organizations even more visible in the community. It has been a pleasure to work with her.


— Jenni Haley

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires provides to its member nonprofits the most up-to-date information and tools to improve performance, outreach and financial stability. Their workshops and boot camps are timely, relevant and offer practical paths to those who attend. Their publications, the Annual Giving Guide and the bi-annual Connections Magazine, fill an important gap in nonprofit communication for nonprofits themselves, the donor sector and the broader public. The NPC’s staff is responsive to all requests of assistance from members and sees that no request for help is left unanswered.


— Mary JP