Every year, MNN hosts Regional Meetings in every region of the state. The meetings bring together nonprofits from all subsectors to network, share best practices, and collaborate on issues important to the sector.

We’d love to have you join us for the 2022 Berkshires Regional Meeting, taking place on July 13. The 2022 MNN regional meetings will cover policy updates of importance to the sector, review MNN services and programs, offer guided conversations by regional leaders, and will include time for networking for attendees to share best practices and to begin collaborating on issues important to the health of the sector and their regions. We hope that the conversations that emerge both within and after these meetings will help us become stronger together.

Regional Meetings are free and open to all nonprofits.

This Regional Meeting is sponsored by the Massachusetts CORE Plan.

When: Wednesday, July 13, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Where: Herman Melville’s Arrowhead, 780 Holmes Rd, Pittsfield, MA 01201