Speak Up, Speak Out Loud: How to Create a Memorable Voice in Your Marketing

You’ve probably heard the same advice dozens of times: be authentic. But can an authentic voice—one that’s distinctive, commands attention, and keeps the customer coming back—be cultivated? You bet!


In this workshop, we’ll explore the difference between style and voice, and exercises to help you develop a powerful, recognizable voice. We’ll also cover ways to highlight strengths and shore up weaknesses, best and worst times to self-edit, and insider tricks editors use to take a written work from good to great.


Robin Catalano believes in the power of storytelling to connect communities and cultures. She’s applied her creative approach to writing for websites, blogs, digital marketing, SEO, books, and magazines, and has published more than 75 articles and 1,000 blog posts. She has crafted hundreds of website pages, brochures, catalogs, appeals, print and radio ads, and more. A longtime book editor, Robin has edited more than 350 fiction and nonfiction books. As a writing coach, she specializes in helping authors who are not professional writers but who are experts in their field take their ideas from concept to print. Robin is also the travel editor of the Greylock Glass, where she focuses on the untold stories of popular destinations and the hidden gems within driving distance of the Berkshires. Visit her at robinwriter.com.