Do you ever wonder if you are asking a potential donor for the right amount or if a donor can give more than what he or she has given in the past?  In order to get a complete picture of a donor, free, do-it-yourself web-based research may need to be supplemented with “wealth screening” databases.  This workshop explains how the components of such research fit into the formulation of a wealth capacity rating and overall prospect profile.


These components include the following:


  • Real estate valuation
  • Company valuation (if the donor owns a company)
  • Career
  • Earnings (Salary, Bonuses, Stock Ownership)
    • Public Company executives, directors, large stock owners
    • Nonprofit executives
    • Salary Surveys
  • Nonprofit Affiliations
  • Charitable Donations
  • Political Donations
  • Family Foundations
  • Miscellaneous Information


Sample of free Web and fee-based products will be demonstrated and pros and cons of each will be examined. Presenter, Roger Magnus, will also show how they work together to formulate a complete picture of a potential donor.  A bibliography of free and subscription resources will be provided.


Presenter, Roger Magnus operates a client-oriented research consulting firm in Amherst, MA that finds relevant information and analysis via articles, reports, and data. Services provided include research for nonprofits to locate donors/foundation funding, for businesses to find news, trends, companies, industries, and demographics (U.S. Census Bureau), and for other types of organizations such as academia or government.