Summer reading


What’s on my reading pile? Summer is supposed to be the time we get to actually read all those articles. Many are collected in a folder on my desktop, others are in a physical stack with magazines and books I’ve also flagged for future reference or imaginary day of leisure reading.

I find that Nonprofit Quarterly has the most thoughtful and pertinent articles to my line of work. Chronicle of Philanthropy news is sometimes pretty juicy but those shorter articles get read on the spot. I also get suggestions for good reading from consultants like Joan Garry, and publishers like Emerson & Church whose authors include Andy Robinson, Gayle Gifford, Tom Ahern, Jerald Panas, and Jeff Brooks.

From my collection…


The Art of Gathering: How we meet and why it matters
By Priya Parker

A bold new approach to how we gather that will transform the ways we spend our time together – at work, at home, in our communities, and beyond.
(Irony: If I wasn’t so busy meeting, I’d have time to read this book!)




Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Big Green Nonprofits: Negotiating the Challenges
By Deeohn Ferris

(Portions adapted from Tackling Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Highly Matrixed Organizations, Deeohn Ferris, JD, June 7, 2019).
Equity, diversity, and inclusion is the topic du jour across disciplines and sectors. Writ large, these themes pertain to increasing the access and power of people and population groups who have been treated unfairly—that is, historically excluded, treated differently, or discriminated against. In addition to obvious social justice concerns, motivating these efforts are major demographic shifts occurring in the US, as well as studies that show improved performance, innovation, and profitability benefits for organizations that look like America.



Bennington County Cultural Plan
By Julia Dixon

Strengthening Creativity in Southwest Vermont
You may know that Julia Dixon (formerly of Berkshire Creative/1Berkshire) is now a Creative Economy and Cultural Planning Consultant based in North Adams. In this report she focuses on practicality by giving each tactic its own page of recommendations, providing leads, partners and funding source suggestions so that anyone who wants to contribute to the cultural and economic vibrancy of the area can print out the page that best aligns with their project.



From Business West

A Strained Safety Net: Nonprofits Face a Host of Daunting Challenges
By Kayla Ebner

Managing a nonprofit agency has never been easy, but a number of factors, from low unemployment rates and rising employment costs to new labor regulations and immense competition for donor dollars, are making it much more difficult for organizations to carry out their missions.



Bidwell House Museum
Spring/Summer 2019

With some interesting articles like “Bidwell’s Beverages: Drinks at the Bidwell House 1750-1784” by Joe Makuc and “Barnabas Bidwell and the Berkshire Heart of the Federalist Party” by Hazel Richards.