Thank you for registering for this GrantStation series of six workshops “Using AI in your Grant & Development Work Series”

$60.00 (A bundle of 6 webinars plus the subsequent recordings and materials for each)


January 8, 2024
Demystify AI: Definitions and Considerations

During this session, attendees will gain a foundational understanding of AI, learning key terms that will enable them to make informed decisions about AI adoption within their organizations.


January 22, 2024
Using AI to Develop Grant Proposals

During this webinar, attendees will discover how to use AI to quickly generate outputs and drafts for their grant proposals.


February 12, 2024
Using AI for Project Evaluation

AI tools have the potential to revolutionize the way you evaluate your programs, making the process more efficient and effective. During this TargetED, participants will see how they can use AI throughout the evaluation process in order to measure and enhance their organization’s impact.


February 26, 2024
Using AI to Edit Grant Proposals

During this session, participants will learn how to leverage AI for precise editing, ensuring their proposals are error-free, persuasive, and adhere to funder instructions.


March 11, 2024
Using AI as a Personalized Grant Reviewer

During this TargetED, participants will learn how they can use AI to receive actionable advice on what they need to improve when writing proposals.


March 25, 2024
Additional AI Uses to Support Your Development Work

During this session, participants will explore the broader applications of AI in nonprofit work, from brainstorming ideas to improving fundraising efforts and finding valuable data sources to enhance your programs and projects.