AMPLIFY! Your Nonprofit’s Data Storytelling

from The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts


Data stories can be a powerful tool to communicate data in a clear and compelling way that can lead to action. Yet too often the data we convey leaves our audience wondering what they should do or with more questions than answers. This workshop will give you foundational knowledge and skills to become a Data Storyteller.


In Data Storytelling you will learn:

  • What a “data story” is.
  • A process to create clear and compelling data stories.
  • How to combine your insights and findings with a visualization to help readers remember the story – and guide them to action.

Becoming a Data Storyteller is a practice. By applying what you learn in this workshop, you can learn to create data stories that will not only help readers remember what they’ve heard, but will help you guide your audience to action.


Instructor Bio: Sarah Eisele-Dyrli

Sarah Eisele-Dyrli, MSW, is the Data Engagement Specialist at the Connecticut Data Collaborative. Ms. Eisele-Dyrli is a certified trainer who believes that citizens and professionals alike should have access to training so they can evaluate the quality of the information they create or others share with them about public issues, and so they can make high-quality decisions within their institutions. Ms. Eisele-Dyrli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Messiah College and a Master of Social Work in Policy Practice and International Social Work from the UCONN School of Social Work.


About The Connecticut Data Collaborative

The Connecticut Data Collaborative (CTData) is a public-private partnership empowering an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy. CTData provides accessible public data that we process, curate and display in a user-friendly format on our online data portal, ctdata.org. In addition to our data portal we help build data literacy skills through our workshops as part of the CTData Academy. The goal is to increase data literacy, build data capacity and enable organizations to use data effectively in evaluation and advocacy that impacts social lives. We are building a network of critical data users who employ quality data and strong analytics to improve their communities. Further we are the designated Connecticut Census State Data Center which means we serve as the liaison between the public and the Census Bureau.


Event Details

October 15 from 1:00 pm4:00 pm

Cost: $29

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